Thursday, 27 August 2009

A Great New Poster Offer

Here at Pixel 2 Print we can exclusively offer you some fantastic new deals just give us a call today to see how we can help your business ride the tide of economic uncertainty. For example 1 A2 Print just £6.99.

New !! Large Format Digital Printer Joins Our Team!

We have recently purchased a new Large format printer to compliment are already fantastically equipped work flow.

The Mimaki has enabled us to create some fantastic new products for example high resolution Photo Print Roll-Up Banners, Photo Quality Canvas and Large Format Posters. All at fantastic prices.

Hull Bid News Letter

A while back in March we were interviewed for The Hull Bid Newsletter. Here is the article in full:

Pixel 2 Print on Spencer Street, just off Ferensway, specialise in digital printing of anything from flyers, business cards and brochures to T-shirts. We spoke to Managing Director John Whitton about the business.

Your main business is digital printing. What’s the difference between this and normal printing?

Conventional printing is done on litho presses, which are big, often messy, machines which can take a while to dry, whereas our process is fast, dry and ready to be cut immediately. Equally, with digital printing there’s no set up cost so it can work out much cheaper for smaller runs and it stops people having to buy thousands of copies, we can do just 250 of things if you need it.

Is the industry moving towards digital?

Yes, they’re increasingly moving towards technology which incorporates digital with litho and at some point we will be looking to invest in one of these large machines which can deal with very high volumes.

So your main selling point is you can do things in smaller bespoke amounts?

Yes, we’re certainly one of the cheapest in the city but also compete with companies on a national and international basis. For example local nightclubs who were going down south or abroad with their printing, for 5000 A6 double sided flyers, would be paying out £100 plus, whereas they’ve come to us and we’re doing it for £99 and of course with us there’s no 7 or 10 day waiting, sometimes we can even get the job turned round in a day if it’s urgent.

How do you go about getting business?

Initially we did it through advertising such as Hull Colour Pages, but more than anything now, it’s word of mouth, many people know about us and recommend us to other people in business.

How did the business start?

We have been going for 4 years, myself and Iain (Whittles) used to work for another printers in Hull and we were in the process of taking over one of their print shops, and when that didn’t work out, we decided to do it ourselves, start afresh and not rely on someone else’s identity, and so here we are 4 years later.
For the first three years we saw 25% growth each year and we now employ someone on a part time basis to help out with increased volumes, though it’s also fair to say that we’ve had hard times like any other business and will face challenges in the present economic climate.

What’s a typical day?

It just depends, one day we could be printing hundreds of T-shirts, another day we could be doing thousands of flyers. We are also considering branching out into other areas such as cups, pens and other corporate stationary but we’re still in the planning stage for this.

To sum up, how would you describe yourself?

We’re probably the quickest and cheapest printers in Hull while still maintaining a high standard of quality. We wouldn’t skimp on that side of things, so for example we would never give something to a customer thinking ‘That’s ok, that’ll do’. If it’s not good enough for us to give out promoting ourselves, why should our customers settle for it? It’s simple really, the technology is there so why shouldn’t it be used it to its full potential?

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